What is the duration of the Ogust contract?

It’s your choice:

  • Without commitment, the contract is renewed from month to month by tacit renewal. You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending us a registered letter. The contract will end on the anniversary day following receipt of your letter.
  • Monthly payment with commitment: you commit for a period of 12 months (5% discount on Ogust services) or 24 months (10% discount on Ogust services) renewable.
  • Service Credit: you pay in advance for a Service Credit of 1 month, 12 months (2 months offered on Ogust services) or 24 months (5 months offered on Ogust services). Your commitment period corresponds to the prepayment. Without renewal of your share beyond this period, the service is interrupted.

Ogust rewards your loyalty: you benefit from discounts on your subscription according to your commitment period. You can even enjoy free months, if you pay in advance.

What are the guarantees regarding the security of my data?

Whatever the formula chosen (standard offer, dedicated database, dedicated server…), your data are hosted on fully secured and redundant servers. Daily and real-time backups are made to guarantee that your data is kept under all circumstances. Only you and authorized persons (maintenance) have access to your data. In the event of loss of your identifiers, an online procedure makes it possible to recover them in full safety.

De quoi ai-je besoin pour accéder à l'application ?

Ogust is an online software in SaaS mode. You only need a computer or a tablet with an Internet connection and a web browser (preferably Firefox, for which Ogust is optimized). For a good performance of your Ogust application, we advise you to have the latest updated version of your browser.
You will also need an email address to create an account and communicate with our teams (consulting, training, technical).

Comment se déroule la phase d'installation Ogust ?

Upon receipt of your Purchase Order and/or payment before 11:00 a.m., the Ogust team proceeds with the online installation within the same day. At the end of the installation and configuration of Ogust, you receive an email containing the connection information and the various procedures (import of your Customer/Stakeholder data, training…). This email is to be kept.

How does an update work?

Updates are automatic. They take place without any action on your part. So, without you having to worry about it, you always get the latest version of Ogust, like features.

En cas de problème, quelle est l'aide proposée ?

Ogust services offer 3 types of support: technical, functional and commercial. You can contact them by internal Ogust messaging (ticket) or by phone (VIP Support). You will receive an answer during working hours (9am-5pm).

How to benefit from start-up assistance?
You benefit from start-up training as well as access to online help and our support system. You can also subscribe at any time to an additional distance learning module (1 hour minimum).
I wish to benefit from a white label Ogust for my structure. Is that possible?
Absolutely. Ogust is already used by franchises or white label agency networks.
Can several people connect at the same time?

Indeed, several people can connect at the same time. Except for the Ogust Solo version limited to one user, all other formulas allow you to create as many user accounts as you wish. So they can connect simultaneously, at any time and anywhere they can be connected to the Internet.

Can I incorporate my customers and employees files in Ogust?
Absolutely. We provide you with a standard import file (included in the commissioning of your Ogust) made by our Support team or, if you wish, you can send us your personalised file which will be studied and will be the subject of a specific quote.
What is the difference between the online payment offered by our bank and the Paypal service?
Paypal is relatively easy to integrate, with no setup and subscription fees. On the other hand, the total fixed and variable commissions charged by Paypal on transactions may be higher than by using your bank’s VAD (distance selling) services. For more details, you can consult the paypal information site and get information from your bank.
How do we see if the regulation(s) have been made?
All the online payments made by your customers via Extranet are displayed in your Ogust and are linked to their invoice: in the customer’s file (Payment tab) or in the payment control table (Information Analysis/Control/Regulations).
How does the set up work ?
You are accompanied by an Ogust technician who indicates the data to be collected from your bank or Paypal. He proceeds from set up to function tests with you.
What are the prerequisites to access fixed remote management?
  • Subscription to the Fixed Remote Management module (installation within 48 working hours).
  • Setting up your remote management service in your Ogust Manager.
  • Assignment of a 5-digit code (Telemanagement personnel number in Ogust Manager) for each employee.
What is the difference between a shared green number and a dedicated green number?

The call to a fixed remote management toll-free number is free for the owner of the fixed line:

  • As the shared green number is used by several companies, your speakers must also enter your 3-digit company code, then its employee code.
  • The dedicated toll-free number belongs only to your company: your employee do not need to enter a company code. This reduces input errors.
What if the customer does not have a fixed line?

You can opt for the Call-back option which allows the employee to be called back on his mobile phone to make his input. The price of this option is indicated at the top of this page.

What if the intervention begins or ends at a location other than the client's home (at school, for example, for child care?)?

Same answer as to the previous question: it is necessary to take the Call-Back option.

What happens if there's a problem with a score?

It can happen that a bad seizure in your Ogust or by your speaker causes a dysfunction. In this case, via a ticket to support, you indicate the following information so that this anomaly can be processed: precise day and time of the call, called number, caller number, entries made by the employee (company code and responder…), and the precise description of the anomaly (symptom, error message…). In the subject line of the ticket, you will indicate “Remote management anomaly”.

If I take Payroll, who sends me the bill?

As with the other Ogust modules, you are only billed by Ogust (Sykio).

If I have a problem with 123Paie software, who should I contact?

For any request concerning payroll provider, at working hours, you contact directly your dedicated contact at 123Paie.

Payroll is a particularly complex area. Can we talk to a specialist?

This service is included in your monthly subscription (interface, assistance, advice and declarations).

Do we have to re-enter between Ogust and 123Paie?

No, thanks to interfaced Payroll, you transmit in 1 click.

If I am an agency network or franchise?

We invite you to contact the Ogust sales department on 01 84 21 10 18.

Am I in agent mode?

We invite you to contact the Ogust sales department on 01 84 21 10 18.

If I take the Accounting module by Ogust, who sends me the invoice?

As for the other modules of Ogust, you are billed only by Ogust (Sykio).

If I have a problem with the Compta.com software, who should I contact?

For any request, mail you a ticket on your Ogust depending on the subject. We process or redirect it to the accounting.com teams.

Can I create access to my accountant?

Yes, it will then be registered on Compta.com as an additional user

What are the differences between the 3 versions?

The version comparison table and presentation videos are available on the Compta.com website.

If I represent a network of agencies or a franchise?

We invite you to contact the Ogust sales department on 01 84 21 10 18.

Can Ogust process all cheques in the market?

Ogust’s acquisition and transmission module manages all CESU securities currently on the market: Chèque domicile, Domiserve, La Banque postale, Natixis Intertitres, Sodexho, Ticket CESU.

What equipment (shower and check scanner) is compatible with Ogust?

Any hand shower reading bar codes. Concerning the scanner, we have developed a partnership with SEAC Banche and a software exclusively adapted to communicate with Ogust.

Is Ogust's packing slip accepted by CR-CESU?

Many customers already use this slip for their shipment and the CR-CESU accepts it without problem.

What are the CR-CESU transmission rates?

We invite you to consult their website and their 2013 rates: https://www.cr-cesu.fr/images/pdf/2013_tarifs_cesu.pdf

Is the transmission free?

On Ogust’s side, the transmission is free. You are only charged for the commissioning on the day the module is installed and you pay a monthly subscription. The transmissions are then free and unlimited concerning Ogust. On the CR-CESU side, we invite you to consult their conditions.

What types of CESU rejection can be encountered with Ogust CR-CESU?

A CESU number may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The barcode is entered incorrectly,
  • the check is already in the queue, the check has already been processed in a previous teletransmission.
What is the difference between the Old Balance and the schedule?

They both summarize the 2 due dates to be collected. The schedule only allows you to know the due date and for what amount, whereas the Older Balance is more complete and visual (as we have presented on the front of this document). The Older Balance is a document of analysis in order to anticipate its cash flow.

Compta.com If I take the Accounting module by Ogust, who sends me the invoice?

As with the other Ogust modules, you are only billed by Ogust (Sykio).

If I have a problem with the Compta.com software, who should I contact?

For any request, you post a ticket on your Ogust according to the subject. We process or redirect it to the accounting.com teams.

Can I create access to my accountant?

Yes, it will then be registered on Compta.com as an additional user.

What are the differences between the three versions?

The version comparison table and presentation videos are available on the Compta.com website.

If I represent a network of agencies or a franchise?

We invite you to contact the sales department on

What information is available in predefined queries or views?

All “standard” Ogust data is available in the views. If information is missing, we add it on request and provided it is within the functional scope of this view.

Example: In the Contract List view, the customer door code is outside the scope.

Is it possible to add specific views?

Yes, we can set up specific views. This creates an additional cost.

Does the query tool allow automatic filters?

Yes, you can use the operations shown in the table to apply filters in each of the columns.

Are the Extranet screens customizable?

Yes, you can choose the features to display for your customers and employees.

Do I have to allow all my clients and employees access to the extranet?

No, you make the selection yourself of the clients and employees to whom you wish to give access.

How is the Extranet set up?

For each customer and provider, you grant access via their file, by creating a login and a password (the latter can be generated automatically). They receive by e-mail their identifiers and the address of your Extranet.

Can employees enter information and modify their schedule?

It is up to you to decide and set the parameters, according to your needs.

Can clients and employees send requests or comments via the Extranet?

Yes, in the Extranet, a space is provided for this purpose. A notification in your Ogust or by email informs you of the request.

What does the electronic signature bring me in my daily activity?

The electronic signature is a contractualization solution that allows remote people to sign a document electronically, via a website. In this case, the electronic signature is a source of important benefits: faster exchanges, paper and stamp savings, reduced travel, better customer conversion, dematerialization of documents, etc..

I'll sign with a scanned handwritten signature, that's enough!

Unlike the electronic signature, the scanned handwritten signature cannot guarantee the identity of the person who signed, since anyone can use it with or without your consent (assistant, spouse…). This practice therefore facilitates identity theft and has no recognition in the courts. The electronic signature on the other hand, thanks to its qualities, is recognized by the courts, in the event of litigation.

I would like to know more about the electronic signature before I commit myself. Where to find the information?

On our site, we put at your disposal the Universign White Paper and the list of the various legal texts, for France.

How and where can the customer leave comments?

The client can evaluate and comment on the intervention via his Extranet access in the menu My services, by clicking on Leave an evaluation. If you have subscribed to the OgustMobile service, your customers can also evaluate and comment on the services in the same menu at the bottom of each intervention.

When our clients give us an oral feedback on an intervention, is it possible to indicate it in the Satisfaction Follow-up?

In this case, you can enter the customer notification yourself in the master record of the planned task.

What does the Business module offer in relation to quotation management?

The analysis of estimates does not allow you to follow the progress of the sales cycle. With the Business module, you can not only have a global view of your portfolio over several sliding months, but also consider your potential income in the short and medium term.

What is the commercial pipe in sales cycle?

Representation of the business process from opportunities (identified but not yet qualified) to concluded deals.

What is the pipeline model?

The one chosen by Ogust is as follows:

Project ► Analysis ► Proposal ► Negotiation ► Awaiting signature ► In progress(completed with Finished, Lost, Dormant and No further reports) span>